Picking Up Strong 5-Paragraph Essay Topic Ideas

Picking a strong topic is an important step in the process of writing any strong 5 paragraph essay.

  • When you first begin, you may not realize what ideas are best suited for your project. Take a moment to look over the assignment details for keywords which might affect the subject you select. Your teacher may have given you the chance to pick an idea on your own, but the teacher might also require that it fit within certain parameters.
  • It is best to review things you have recently read, seen on television, or online. These things remain current in your mind and might just spark an idea that is worth writing about.
  • You need to have a topic which you can cover in the span of just 5 paragraphs. Chances are that the first thing you pick will be much too broad to cover in the span of pages you have. That is why it is important to take a day or two or refine your idea. You can take a broad subject such as “food production” and refine it based on food production technologies, and from there a single technology used in a single location. You can also try to narrow down the topic based on a location where food is produced, or even how a particular food is produced. The goal is refining your idea is to allow you something narrow enough that you can cover the content in the paragraphs allotted.
  • You want to consider an average of three ideas at first, because you might not be able to find enough information or evidence to support one of them. For example: if you first want to cover a food production technology, and state that it is not harmful for the environment, you might find that during rudimentary research the evidence supports the opposite argument. In this case, you might have to change your perspective or just change the subject you are selecting. If you already have two or three ideas, you won’t waste any time trying to find something else to cover.
  • A strong topic is also something that you are passionate about. The more interested you are in the subject, the easier it will be to write about. Your research will seem more exciting and the editing process will go by quickly. It will also show through in your work and your teacher will give you a higher grade.

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