Basic Stages Of Writing An Effective Essay: An Academic Guide

Whilst there are many different types of academic essay that you may need to write, there are various different steps and stages that you can follow that largely applied to just about any form of essay. Of course, the individual sections that you might need to write for each essay can differ considerably, as can the aims of each different paper. Furthermore, the general content and topics that you are writing about can vary hugely; in fact, you can write academic papers on just about any different subject.

Nevertheless, the following will provide a brief academic guide to help you to understand the basic stages of writing an effective essay.

Choosing what to write about

The first step when it comes to any form of academic writing is choosing what to write about. Essentially, you will need to pick a relevant title for your work; however, it is worth noting that you can potentially adjust or change your title later on, depending upon what you have written about. For example, during the writing process, you might change the aims and objectives of your work and, therefore, it might be more appropriate to attend the title.

Planning what to write and when to do it

An important part of doing the work is to plan and prepare. Essentially, you should make a plan of how you essay will look and what content you wish to include, but also you should create a realistic timeframe as part of your preparations, so that you know what you need to do and when you will do it.


One of the most important parts of the academic writing process is to carry out research in order to understand more about the subject that you are writing about. Therefore, you should not be tempted to skip this stage, in order to start with the writing process as soon as possible. In fact, being as thorough as possible with your research can make it much easier when it comes to writing, as you will already have some great ideas of what content to include.


The writing process will involve writing several different drafts, in order to perfect what you have written. Furthermore, one of the most important parts of the writing stage is checking what you have written, which will involve proofreading in order to eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors, as well as potentially checking the factual accuracy of what you have written.


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