Green Jobs


In response to concerns about gradual changes in climatic conditions that are capable of bringing adverse situations upon the world, there are people who have been clamouring for the need to go green in every aspect of our society including the workplace. Going green is an approach to life and living which encompasses the home, family, work and community and the movement centers on the awareness of the impact of our activities on our world and its people. Going green encompasses nearly all aspects of society which includes energy, government, food, education, and transportation. Green jobs are available in virtually all sectors of society.

Definition of Green Jobs

A green job is any job that contributes to the tenets and values of environmental sustainability. A green job can be in a small business, self-employment, non-profit organisations, in a government establishment, and it could be in a company. To be employed in some green jobs require the acquisition of some specific ‘green’ education or skills such as a solar energy company that requires the services of a solar engineer, or that of a green business that requires the services of an environmental educator. However, there are many green jobs that do not necessarily require a green background. Examples include that of a bookkeeper or a website designer employed to work for a company or an organisation that has imbibed green values.

Importance of Green Jobs

There are many people who are concerned about the environment and are not comfortable with working for companies whose business operations or production processes do not align with green movement nor preserve eco-friendly values. Such individuals always prefer to focus on living for eco-friendly principles and working for companies and businesses to support and practically practice the tenets of environmental sustainability. Without the availability of green jobs, these individuals would probably work for companies that continue to perpetuate unsustainable environmental status quo against the values they hold so dear. To build a greener society, the enthusiasm of people who are eager to work in green jobs must be supported.

Green job opportunities abound for those who are convinced about the need to be committed to environmental sustainability. There are many environmental organisations, sustainable energy businesses and food sustainability organisations that offer green job employments. Companies and organisations that offer green jobs always strive to use renewable energy sources, and are committed towards conserving energy. Green businesses always strive to reduce waste, prevent pollution in their operations, and conserve water.


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