Selecting Strong Argumentative Essay Topics On Government

Matters that relate to governance and politics will form interesting essay topics for argumentative writing because they generate diverse opinions among the public. There is probably no other matter that interests people than governance and politics because it affects their day to day activities. Here are issues to consider if you should arrive at a strong essay topic for an argumentative essay.

  1. Controversy: Argumentative essay writing can never be interesting without discussing a controversial matter. By narrowing your topic on issues that generate differing opinions in the public eye, the examiner is automatically more drawn into the debate than when discussing an issue agreed upon by everyone.
  2. Not just controversy only but also currency: Controversy in the discussion will not attract as much attention if it relates to a foregone issue. By discussing a current issue that is of great concern in the public eye, you will automatically tell the examiner that you enjoy the course. This is because it shows that those issues in the public eye also matter to you. Students should not struggle to find out an issue that is currently popular in the public eye since we are all part of some society and will hear it loud.
  3. Be specific: There are so many issues to consider when selecting argumentative essay topics on government and politics. The trick is that the topic must hammer a specific matter, say health care policy, removal of army forces from foreign countries, or policy on terrorism. Specificity of a topic helps to make it clear to the reader about what to expect in the discussion. It causes them to immediately take the lead in the discussion. Clarity is also needed in regard to your main argument. Being specific also makes the writing work easier.
  4. Do adequate research: For argumentative essay homework, writers are required to not only give their arguments, but also must they offer adequate prove for every argument. Researching on the proposed topic prior to writing helps you to find out if there is adequate material to refer to when writing begins. One can change the topic as early as possible if necessary. Remember to check background statistics and research information from other credible authors for each argument. Providing details while being brief to the point will go a long way towards convincing the reader of your argument. Doing research can also involve checking sample papers in the field to get ideas for sample topics. Many of these are available online free of charge.

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