A List Of Argumentative Essay Topics On Education

If you are tasked to write an essay about education, it means you are a student at the very least of things. However, the question which you should ask yourself is; are you up to the task? Well, education is defined differently by different scholars in the field. However, its universal meaning is a connotation of knowledge acquisition process which has over the years become a universal basic requirement for every child across the world. When we talk of learning as a continuous process, we are simply referring to the process of knowing new things in life. However, when we talk of education, it denotes the partaking on an informal or formal practice of learning. It could be in a classroom, on the web or in traditional settings that knowledge gets imparted in you. Fundamentally, the desire to know more about everything around us is in itself a quest for knowledge and depending on where you go to get this knowledge, it becomes education.

Well, to a student who is set to do an argumentative essay on education, there is undoubtedly plenty to write about. This comes down to the question of; do you have a good topic? Something as simple as coming up with a title should not be an impediment because in many ways, you can come up with one; perhaps through brainstorming, review of literature or seeking assistance from your teacher. To start you off, this article lists a number of argumentative essay topics on education, so, read on.

  • First and foremost, it is common knowledge that the world has changed and style of learning so your first argumentative essay topic on education can be that which compared informal and formal learning. Which one is better?
  • Also, another topic would be something like; should remedial studies be introduced in colleges? Support your essay with solid facts
  • The place of technology in learning. What has changed? Support your argument with facts
  • The case of cheating in examination and plagiarism. Which one should attract an expulsion from school?
  • Should pupils start schooling at a more tender or advance stage? Argue why with examples
  • The question of curriculum change. Should terrorism studies and awareness be incorporated? Support your argument
  • The question of paid internship. Should University students be paid or not? Argue with examples
  • Should elementary students be allowed to use iPads in class?

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