Brave New World Vs 1984

Many books are written from inspiration from other books. This is the case with 1984, written by George Orwell. Many people believe that the works in this book are through an inspiration of the book “Brave New World.” Orwell was, however, fast to refute such claims and declare that his book was not inspired in any way by the preceding book. Both books, however, share very many similarities and have many differences. Most readers will agree with me that these books are so alike. Many people give credit to these books for being thoughts started for many people both young and old across the professional divide.

Themes used in the books

  • Dictatorship: The central theme that is clearly shown in these books is that of world dictatorship. Though both books exhibit different forms through which leadership is laid out, one cannot fail to notice the height of dictatorship displayed in both forms of leadership shown. In the Brave New World, we see clearly how the world is divided while, in 1984, we have very little knowledge about the things happening throughout the world. The two different ways of management bring about different living standards of the people. In Brave New World, there are different classes of persons and thus different lifestyles of persons. These categories of people also dictate what kind of information, knowledge and goods. On the other hand, 1984 does not have all these classes or divisions of people. The society grows and moves together. This has its consequences as all persons end up in poverty and there is no luxury of goods. The living standard ends up being very low.
  • The economic system: In both books, people are rewarded for their work. There is, however, some difference in how people are encouraged to spend their money. In The Brave New World, people are encouraged to spend money on new things. This ensures that there is circulation of money. In1984, people, tend repair the old stuff. This leads to a very poor circulation of money.

Differences in the two books

The two books have major differences. They have however influential and created a lot of awareness in people and created the need for, though. Different people will read and it instills the need for thought to make sure that they get the right leadership criteria for development. All communities will not use the same tactics to succeed and have a growing community. The differences in these books are therefore essential for the different communities.


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