In A Reflective Essay You Should: 10 Suggestions For Beginners

Reflective essays, though not easy to write, can be quite a blessing for serious writers because they enable the writer himself to think from an unbiased perspective. This means that the writer finds faults and strengths in the work under scrutiny. It could be your personal work or a homework assignment based on someone else’s work. If you want to improve your writing and are new on the bandwagon, here are a few suggestions that will help make your journey easy.

10 tips for beginners

  1. The foremost tip while writing a reflective essay would be to disown the work and look at it from a critique’s eye. This will enable you to find strengths and weaknesses you wouldn’t otherwise.
  2. Concentrating completely on the drawbacks of the writer’s development will render the job incomplete. The essay does not have to cover that only. It also highlights the positive side so add that as well.
  3. Citing examples when stating a certain quality would be ideal. This will provide with proof. Subsequently, it will make a strong argument.
  4. A common misconception about reflective essays is that it is okay to be subjective. On the contrary, these reflections are supposed to be written in an objective style with proper references.
  5. Read the homework question again and again to grasp its meaning and look for things that the question specifically asks.
  6. Read the text under scrutiny at least three times before you start writing. Refer to it again and again even after you have read it three times during the writing process. It will keep on reminding you of the pointers and maybe even help unveil a new aspect.
  7. It is always wise to jot down pointers before you start writing the essay. This will make it easy to refer to when you start writing.
  8. It is okay to use the first person, but there are instances where using third person would be more appropriate. Know the difference between the two.
  9. Use of transitional phrases is always encouraged. It helps make links and slide from one aspect to another very smoothly. Some examples include, on the contrary, as a result, for instance, etc.
  10. Make sure the introduction is short, yet eye-catching. Do not write more than 1 paragraph as the introduction.

A reflective essay usually includes future aspirations in addition to a conclusion that completes it.


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