Is Coding The New Literacy

In developed countries it is accepted that a quantity approaching 100% of all adults of at least average intelligence are capable of reading and writing at least at a basic level. Further more, there are high percentages of people who have furthered their education to the tertiary level. At one point, being literate was a privilege that only members o the nobility and the clergy enjoyed. Even women of a particularly high rank were not guaranteed to be taught their letters. In the modern era, may have come to see the ability to write programs or code in a similar light. Some would even call coding the new literacy and through this paper the relative merit of that claim will be explore.

Yes, it is

For those who agree, it seems that they ability to program is part of almost every aspect of our lives. All people use the fruits of coders whether it be in the form of apps, games, educational software or anything else. There has also been a level of volatility in the job market worldwide that has seen many professions be wiped out or seriously downgraded in status. To employers, seeing that a potential employees is proficient at coding can make him or her seem like a much better candidate because so many people still seem too intimidated to get into the field. Such a person becomes an asset that can be relied upon by people from multiple departments for various things.

No, it is not

As much as coding is a useful skill to acquire, there is very much that needs to be known before one reaches a level of mastery. As a result, many people dabble in it but few reach the level of comfort that they have achieved with their spoken language. As a result, companies still require highly trained programmers for the majority of their tasks. A much bigger threat is actually posed by the progress in Artificial Intelligence or A.I. As machines learn to process thoughts in the way humans do, they can begin to come up with coded solutions to problems that are explained to them in everyday English. Much like telephone operators, the programmers of today could easily find themselves innovated out of a job.

Whether or not it is the new literacy, the ability to code can be quite useful. It should definitely be encouraged for people of all ages.


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