A List Of Accurate Compare And Contrast College Essay Topics

Compare and contrast is a type of essay that measures the differences and similarities two subjects. Comparisons can be used on two occasions;-

  • To explain the main differences between any two subjects
  • To persuade the reader that one particular subject is superior to another. Persuasive essay rely mostly on critical thinking and the writer is expected to present convincing evidence.

There is a particular type known as informative comparison which is mainly used to distinguish the differences between frequently confused items. Below are some facts to consider while selecting topics for comparison/contrast essays.

  • The selected items to be compared and contrasted should have common elements. You cannot compare or contrast items that have nothing in common.
  • While comparing you should avoid making comments on the obvious differences. Stick to the comparing as you will have an opportunity to contrast at the right point.
  • By using either one or more prewriting strategies you can select a subject and explore its possibilities.

Below is a list of accurate compare/contrast college essay topics.

  1. College instructors vs. high school teachers
  2. Leasing or buying a house
  3. Two soccer teams, players, or coaches
  4. Two popular brands
  5. Two shows or TV channels
  6. Two popular drinks
  7. Female and male attitude about sexual harassment
  8. Husband and wife thoughts about marriage
  9. Cults vs. religion
  10. Full and limited partnership
  11. Laptop vs. desktops
  12. . Canters vs. lorries
  13. Two computer software
  14. Living on campus or commuting
  15. African attitude vs. American attitude towards sex, marriage and money

It is common for students to get topics that will only for contrast, others for comparison, and other topics may ask for both. Never assume, comprehend the topic first before writing. For an accurate compare/contrast essays, you start by contrasting and/ or comparing two or more items, then use whatever information you learn to create the basis of your argument.

There are quite a number of topics you can choose for your essay. While deciding on the topic for your essay it is wise to list down several topics, note that this is the case if your supervisor did not provide one for you. Then list several similarities and differences concerning the topics. In relation to the capacity of your essay choose a topic that will match your essay’s length. I found a resource that is quite helpful in terms of compare and contrast essay topics, check it out for more information.


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