Three Easy Steps To Writing A Literary Critical Analysis Essay Outline

As you know, the best papers written start with a thorough and detailed outline. That tool can be in topic or in sentence form. Either pick the style you like, or use what your teacher requires. When writing a literary critical analysis essay, you must have a well-developed outline. Use our three easy steps to writing one for your literary critical analysis essay.

Three Easy Steps

  1. After you have picked your topic, you must have a thesis statement. You have to decide what you are going to concentrate upon in the composition. You cannot move ahead with the outline without knowing what you wish to prove. If you have three ideas, and one of them is weak, place that one in the middle of the two stronger ones. It is imperative that the thesis statement is strong, as it will direct the outline.
  2. Now you need to go and do all of your research. Always think of using only credible and valid research. You will want to read what other critics have said and use those quotes of they support your theories. In order to save time, use academic databases that are more credible. All of the sources can be found at one place, and this will cut down on your research time. Your school may have subscriptions to some of these, so ask the media center specialist if you can have the user names and passwords. Use this tip as you compose your literary critical analysis essay outline.
  3. Use different colored highlighters as you research and as you compose. You can do if you are handwriting or if you are using your computer. Each main idea, the introduction, and the conclusion should have distinctly different colors. As you find sources, mark them with the corresponding color. This is a quick way for you to tell where you still need support. If you are printing the sources, you can go as far as to have different colored folders that correspond with each of the different sections. This color-coded easy step system always works and is especially beneficial for new writers.

When writing a literary critical analysis essay outline, you will need help to make sure it is correctly composed. You can use our three easy steps to make sure that your piece is perfect.


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