Guidelines For Writing A Descriptive Essay About Teenagers' Values

A descriptive essay has a clear agenda; it defines and informs. It is quite close to a definition essay; the difference if any comes in nomenclature and minute changes. With this piece, you get a glorious chance to analyze a station and pontificate over it.

Here is how you write a descriptive essay about teenagers’ values –

  • First define the fluctuations of a teenager’s mind – A teenager is at a stage of age where his mind is hardly ever steady and he keeps changing definitions of things around him in quick succession. What is strong and potent at one glance may suddenly turn fickle; what is steady and inveterate may suddenly turn arguable.
  • Now delve into the values – Course your essays into the values they set for themselves. Check out what they value most in life; steadiness in love; importance of studies; requirement of being a good son and a brother, being a hospitable, attentive and obedient guy. You may track down any perspective.
  • Creating the framework – Having zeroed in on the values (whether traditional or modern), you should create framework for the essay; starting from an astute Introduction to the bulk on to a firm conclusion. The structure should be streamlined and perspectives should be presented in a crystal-clear manner.
  • Remain consistent – Since the topic itself vacillates; you may find it easy to flounder. Therefore, it becomes your duty to remain consistent with the ideas and corrode the setup principally. You should provide the readers a clear view into the teenager’s mindset. It should be easily identifiable. After all, we all were, are or will be teenagers once in a lifetime.
  • Create scopes for debate – Needless to say, your essay will reach angles and junctures where readers may not be on the same page with you. You should utilize these junctures in opening avenues for debates. However, make sure to place such redoubtable points in your favor that they feel convinced. This is much to do with an authoritative and lucid writing style.
  • An apt conclusion – Emphasize on the importance of teenagers’ values and why they should remain rooted to the same to gain knowledge and experience. It has to be noted that teenagers have an unprejudiced vision of the world. Their vision is not clouded like grown-ups who have seen the ups and downs of life.

Abide by the regulations, structure and strictures and you should be able to etch a beautiful piece on teenagers’ values.


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