Top 30 Fresh Descriptive Essay Title Ideas For High School

Descriptive essays generally involve little research and more of personal experience. They are more dedicated on your creative writing abilities. Your topic can be a generic or an inspirational one to amuse your readers so that they continue reading.

Check out some fresh descriptive essay topics for high school student-

  1. How leaders and followers are formed? Discuss your personal experiences and talk about your peers identifying their qualities while narrating the incidences illustrating transformation of their lives
  2. The importance of collecting currency of various countries: Why some people collect while others consider it as wastage of time and money
  3. Why and how siblings differ significantly from each other: Discuss how circumstances affect their growth and bring differences in their physical, emotional, social and mental aspects
  4. How one in every five child is raised in poverty? Discuss how handicap, parent’s death and illness of siblings bring them in such a situation
  5. What habits you would like to change? How it will bring transformation in your life?
  6. How one experience changed your attitude towards certain thing? Discuss your experience in terms of competition, sibling, any individual, job, etc.
  7. Determining factors of becoming an adult: Discuss it based on religious beliefs, age, characteristics, responsibilities shouldered and financial, emotional, social and biological factors
  8. How eating makes a difference? State examples and discuss their biological impacts on the human’s body
  9. How money matters in every sphere of life? How and when it fails to buy you something that you desperately want?
  10. Write an influential biographical sketch of a famous personality or of your grandparents
  11. Something you are very possessive about: Describe its significance in your life
  12. How sports develop independent thinking? Why it should be an integral part of any educational system?
  13. Discuss any place of your choice? State its physical characteristics? How physical characteristics impact an individual’s behavior?
  14. Write a critical overview of any movie you recently watched?
  15. A surprising anniversary party of your parents
  16. How my next door neighbor stimulates me in my studies?
  17. My favorite sports person
  18. My favorite character in movies
  19. My shocking experience in college
  20. The worst day of my life
  21. Thunderous experience of my life: Sky-diving
  22. Farewell in college
  23. Baking a pizza experience
  24. Learning any musical experience
  25. The best experience of your childhood
  26. The friend you really like and why?
  27. Perfect gift of your lifetime
  28. What success means to you
  29. A life changing experience that taught you something great
  30. Trait that differentiates men from women

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