How To Compose A Good 2-Page Essay Related To Immunity

When you know your limitations, it becomes easy to remain within the parameters. Otherwise, you may revel in a conceit and suddenly find your balloon bursting at the seams. Take the instance of a brilliant indigenous boxer who finds where he stands when he comes across an International pugilist.

Science of structure

Essays come in various shapes and sizes; the 5-paragraph structure being the most followed. Now, this generally takes up 1½ page for high school kids. So, if you are asked to write a 2-page piece, you know you have to cut it to 900-1000 words. You can get a better understanding about essays if you try this site. Let’s take immunity as the standing motif for the topic. Now, you need to emphasize on 3-4 statutory points and thus proceed. Make sure you stick to the 5-paragarph premise, keeping the Introduction and Conclusion similarly sized (about 170 words).

The Body

The middle 3 paragraphs will be equal in size (each about 200 words) with some levity. You can utilize the first paragraph of the body in depicting how a retarded immunity level can affect your personal growth and engender various ailments. You can mention a few diseases that have a lot to do with immunity (AIDS is the big fish here).

You should use the 2nd paragraph (third of the essay) in mentioning redemptive measures. You can suggest proper diets and the importance of exercise. You can pontificate on the significance of better indoor air quality and freedom from pollution. You can introduce the readers to ways to bolster the immunity levels; you may use the stratagem of therapies (Yoga) or a conditioned lifestyle.

The last two paragraphs

The third paragraph (4th in actual) should relate to the well-being of a body by maintaining proper immunity levels. You can suggest ideal way to lead a healthy life and things people should avoid. You may suggest ways to keep away from stress for instance. You may also impart ways on ensuring hormonal balance which plays a suggestive part in keeping the immunity level decent. Another important artery is to keep cholesterol levels down. The conclusion should be solution-oriented and assertive. The reader should get a clear idea on immunity and its different straits. The Introduction, meanwhile, is where you lay down the precept of immunity in a subtle way. Give a thorough check as to whether you have stuck to the word limit and doe a neat job or not. Stay focused.


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