How To Create A Persuasive Essay Using Ethos, Pathos And Logos

If you are required to create a persuasive essay, then you will know that your success or failure will depend on how good you are at persuading the reader. In almost every case the reader will be your teacher or tutor and you'll need to persuade him or her that the arguments in your essay are spot on.

You can do that by a number of ways. Nothing of course beats sticking to the topic. You could write the most wonderful persuasive essay in the world but if it doesn't stick to the topic or answer the question being asked then you are likely to fail. The usual things such as researching properly and double checking your work before handing it in are of course always relevant.

But in this particular article we are looking at creating a persuasive essay using three things -- ethos, pathos, and logos. What are they and more importantly, how can you use them to create a wonderful persuasive essay?

What are they?

The first thing we should learn is that they are not new. The ancient Greeks used ethos, pathos and logos and so should you. Ethos is related to ethics. It relies on the character or the principles or the reputation of the person who is delivering the persuasive essay. Politicians continually try to get their ethos presentation correct. As an essay writer you should be concentrating on how well you have researched the topic and followed all the instructions.

Pathos is all about the reader's emotions and how they react to what you have written. Remember you're trying to persuade them of something so if you can touch their hearts or at least stimulate in them feelings of happiness or anger or fear, then you are using the pathos aspect of your writing.

The third one is logos and this is nothing to do with the symbol or a brand you might see for any number of products. Logos in this sense is related to reason or being rational or using a lot of logic. You're trying to make a point and persuade the reader to your way of thinking so being logical is a given.

So now you know what each of these items are, the real challenge for you is to use all three in your persuasive essay. Do you have a reputation for research and following instruction? Are you able to make an emotional appeal to the reader? And have you been logical in your writing?


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