Being A Teenager

Often, adults complain about teenagers because of their inappropriate behavior. It is at this point in life that most people engage in a journey of exploration. In the process, making terrible mistakes is inevitable. Evidently, out of peer influence and curiosity, some teenagers have been addicted to drugs and alcohol. Others become mothers at an early age while some drop out of school. As a result, many adults get worried about their future. However, such people overlooked the beauty of being a teenager. There are so many great and remarkable achievements that teens can and have done if they can find necessary support. Therefore, it is asserted in the essay that being teenager is beautiful.

Taking Worthwhile Risks

Teenagers are ready to take risks that many adults cannot. Save for a few, teenagers do not have to worry about making ends meets because parents are mandated to do so. Hence, they have the time to risk and make achievements that many adults are unable or unwilling to. They also have enough energy to pursue their goals. Further, it is during such an age group that an individual can discover who they are and the careers that they should take later in life. They can also travel to many places during their holidays and make friends with different people of the world. In the end, through such discoveries and achievements, people discover and appreciate the beauty of life.

Though not encouraged, it is easier to be excused for making mistakes as a teenager. Very few people expect a teenager to be right at all times. Actually, being on the right side of things for a teenager is celebrated in many families. People understand that the individuals brain is still not fully developed for them act responsibly. The teenager can, therefore, make as many mistakes as possible and learn from them.

Having the Health and Confidence Necessary for Success

Most teenagers are very attractive. At this point, they may not have developed bad eating habits, and do not have weight issues. More so, their immunity is still higher than that of an older person, which means that they can fight any type of disease. They will also have enough support from parents and other concerned people in the society when they ail. As such, because of perfect health and amazing looks, teenagers have the confidence and ability to become productive in life and shape their future at an early age. Precisely, being a teenager is beautiful because one has the chance to make amazing discoveries about life, which further enables them to achieve success in the future.


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