10 Fresh Questions To Explore In An Essay On Information Technology

Information technology is an area of science that is exploding each minute. The more and more that is learned seem to open up more and more questions and concerns. What is unusual about writing essays about information technology is that it changes so rapidly that the information may be outdated almost as soon as it is written. Here are 10 questions to explore in an essay on information technology:

  1. What is information technology? Some people may not know exactly what is meant by these words. There are also different meanings which are why essays would be interesting as they answer this question.
  2. What types of instruments are used to send information? This changes on a daily basis and there are some awesome new technologies that can be discussed. This is one that will be obsolete soon after it is written because there is so much being developed concerning the transfer of information.
  3. How easy is it to disrupt the transfer of information? There are many people that are hired just to develop viruses that disrupt transfer. This is another ever-changing topic.
  4. Have computers made it easier or more difficult to get true information? Computers are the basis of the information exchange but many more instruments are taking its place now.
  5. How has the information technology era affected commerce? This is a hot topic and the internet has caused issues with the government and taxation and other topics that can be discussed here.
  6. How has information technology affected our personal lives and security? How much of our personal lives are being invaded by information exchange. Is our personal life in danger? How can we protect our own personal information?
  7. How has information technology affected the medical field? The medical field has been able to take leaps and bounds from information shared between doctors to issues with different medical conditions that can be addressed by sharing communication and knowledge.
  8. Has information technology increased tension between countries or made it better?
  9. How can information technology be abused? Of course people have made a business out of stealing other people’s personal financial information. There are other ways that information is being abused as well. There are many different avenues to discuss with this type of essay.
  10. How can the abuse of information technology take place?

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