Good Essay Topics About Zoos: 15 Unique Suggestions

A good essay starts with a good topic. A good topic is a thing that you should seek when you just begin working upon your project.

How To Determine A Good Topic

A good essay topic is not overly used. If you have an area that you need to research, there are definitely several heavily used topics that are normally chosen by students who don’t want to work. If you choose such a topic, you will certainly discover that there is plenty of reference information that comes from reliable sources. Yet, this information and these facts have already been explored through and through, so, your essay will hardly be unique. Instead, you should choose a topic that is interesting, debatable, and fresh. With its help, you will easily attract the attention of readers. If you want, you can try to do research of opposite points of view. It can be quite interesting and challenging, especially if you have a definite and stable point of view. Besides that, you can surprise your teacher and classmates by choosing a topic that is different from your usual point of view. Below, you will find 15 interesting suggestions for an essay that is dedicated to the matter of zoos.

  1. 10 reasons why zoos should be forbidden.
  2. Wildlife sanctuaries vs. zoos: What’s more natural for animals?
  3. 5 reasons why zoos are similar to/different from laboratories where animals are used for tests.
  4. Should all zoos be closed down?
  5. Is there an alternative to zoos where children can meet wild animals safely?
  6. Have you ever been to a zoo where animals seem to be completely happy?
  7. Can animals feel happy and sound if they are kept in unnatural conditions?
  8. Do you like visiting zoos or do you prefer seeing animals in their natural habitat?
  9. Can zoos become more animal-friendly than they are today?
  10. Which is the most animal-friendly zoo that you have ever visited?
  11. How would you feel if you were an animal taken from you natural home and locked in a cage? Describe your feelings.
  12. What was your first impression when you visited a zoo for the first time?
  13. Do you think that people need more hi-tech zoos with the most exotic animals?
  14. Are zoos a thing of the past times when people had little chances of traveling to exotic countries?
  15. Would you join an event organized by active volunteers who demand to close all zoos down and letting all animals go?

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