The Top 20 Unique Essay Topics For College Students

Writing an essay is an interesting and fun project to do, especially if you know how to go about it. One of the basic rules of writing essays in college is choosing topics or subjects you are passionate about or interested in learning more about. Some of the things that can also influence your choice of topic are your expertise, interests, hobbies and immediate surroundings. If in the face of all these and you still find it difficult coming up with an informative and interesting topic, this article will help you choose your topic and get down to serious writing.

Some of the essay topics to give you ideas include the following:

  • How effective are school abstinence programs?
  • Dormitory living should be made compulsory for all fresh students
  • Teachers should not be friends with their students on Facebook
  • It is better to skip a meal than to settle for junk food
  • Proper dress code can boost an employee’s overall performances
  • Poor leadership contributes to bankruptcy
  • What are the benefits of inter-governmental unions
  • The use of lie detectors should be used during interviews of job applicants
  • To what extent should delegating of duties be taken?
  • It is wrong to legalize the advertisement of harmful products like tobacco
  • The advantages of single sex schools
  • There should be a ban on music lyrics that promote wrong lifestyles
  • A law of forceful feeding for Anorexics should be implemented
  • Print publications should be banned from publishing offensive items
  • Early marriages inhibit proper personal development
  • Elderly citizens are better of living with their children than in care-giving facilities
  • Should there be a ban on reporting of violent crimes on media?
  • Crucial medical decisions should be left in the hands of the doctors instead of parents
  • There should be a ban on campus hate speeches
  • Is online dating better than physical dating?

Now that you have this wonderful list of essay topics, it is high time you stop procrastinating the writing of your paper. No more excuses however, if you don’t find any of the above listed topics interesting, then google search is there for you. Enter a ideas into the search engine and ‘pop’ comes up a huge list of topics for you. Ensure that the topics you write on are both interesting and informative. This way, you will maximize your chances of scoring high.


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