A Selection Of Intriguing College Persuasive Essay Topics In Psychology

In order to write a compelling and high-quality college persuasive essay, it is important you stick to what interests you or better still, write on topics that would not bore you to dumping your academic work midway. More so, you should go for a topic that has good counter argument, sort of topical. Choosing a topic you have knowledge about makes the research for information easier and more fun to do. It also gives you a unique edge over other students who have little or no knowledge about the subject matter. This way, you should be fully prepared to ‘wow’ your tutor with your write up.

Now, for the interest of those who are finding it difficult settling for a given topic for their college persuasive essay which is almost due, listed below are some interesting and topical prompts to base your writing on. They are as follows:

  • Girls Falling For “Bad Guys” – The Logic Behind It All
  • Midlife Crisis – It Is A Reality
  • Memories of Long Past Events Can Be Retrieved Through Hypnosis
  • There Are No Symbolic Meanings Attached To Dreams
  • Mental Illness Is Not Synonymous With Violence
  • Lie Detector Tests Are Not Always True
  • There Is No Relationship Between Full Moons And Psychiatric Conditions
  • Gender Stereotypes Of Pink And Blue Should Not Be Encouraged By Parents
  • Raising Healthy And Happy Kids Has Nothing To Do With Working From Home
  • The Use of Technology At School Improves Cognitive Abilities
  • All Study Curriculums Should Incorporate Critical Thinking
  • A Higher Percentage Of Children Are Born With ADHD Symptoms
  • Culturally Diverse Classes Should Be Encouraged In Schools
  • Most Learning Outcomes Are Mostly Influenced By Varied Cognitive Patterns
  • Gender Segregation Should Be Encouraged In Educational Settings
  • Bouts Of Depression Can Be Reduced By Eating More Chocolate
  • Music Can Evoke Negative Feelings
  • Past Experiences Can Impact A Person’s Emotional Well-Being
  • Addiction To Social Networks Is Determined By Individuals
  • Change Of Environment Improves Social Development

Now, looking at this list of intriguing college persuasive essay topics in psychology, you will definitely see one that grabs your attention. You then sit down to researching, writing and proofreading your academic paper. Remember, starting your academic papers on time will make it easier to properly proof read and edit such paper. This is a step that maximizes your chances of attaining good grades throughout college. Good luck with your writing projects.


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