National Space Centre

Recreation facilities and tourist destinations are an important development for any country. There are systems, organs, institutions and structures involved in the directly of such services from the providers to the visitor. One such organ is the National Space Centre in the United Kingdom that has been very dynamic and diverse in its function and has played a significant factor in the establishment of Leicester City and the UK at large. It is one of the leading visitor attractions in the UK and is a lot more committed to astronomy and space science. Located at Leicester, England, the National Space Centre has continued to offer a host of activities for interested individuals, families and friends. This is an all-weather attraction for all interested parties for a recreation moment.

Background information

The National Space Centre with a forty-two meters tower was opened to the public back in 2001. The University of Leicester had a huge contribution to its design and development. The center came up through a partnership involving the university and most particularly the space research center along with the agencies of the local government. It quite cost huge sums of money that mainly came from the millennium Commission funding while some other sources of finance for the project came from sponsors in the public sector.

The center operates as an educational charity while at the same time offering science workshops for school-going children of all levels of learning. The center has in recent times continued to host post-doctoral researcher in the world of science based at the space research center of the University of Leicester and again from the institute of engineering surveying and space geodesy from the University of Nottingham.

Elements of the National Space Center

The center has key elements that define it. Essentially, it is packed with six main galleries of shows and activities for visitors including space flight, cosmology and astronomy. The attraction in the center also includes a 3-dome camera as well as a planetarium, a restaurant and a gift shop. The restaurant is located below the two nozzles of two rockets.

The center offer digital visualization through a digital visualization team. These include full-dome shows that play in more than a hundred and fifty planetaria in about twenty nations all over the world. The productions also form part of the endorsed International year of Astronomy show of planetarium financed by the science and technology facilities council of the United Kingdom.


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