The Top 15 Easy And Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay is one of the most common types of writing an academic essay. Different styles of these assignments change the requirements and approach for the students because they need to address the paper in a way that suits the type of the paper. An argumentative style paper is a little tricky because you have to convince and persuade your readers of your ideas and opinions. Unlike a descriptive or informative paper, you do not merely write about or explain a subject but also make sure that the readers agree to your ideas. Students require high quality content, authenticated research, strong logic, and supporting evidence to convince the readers of their opinions. It is also important to notice that you should not have a subjective approach towards this style of paper, even if you choose to write based on your personal experiences or opinions, you need to ensure it has enough logical and factual data to support your stance.

The topic of your paper is very important in this regard because you cannot choose an informative or general topic to title an argumentative essay. The title of your topic needs to allow scope and flexibility for argument in your paper. It should be something that a group of people can agree or disagree to. Statements based on general knowledge and common consensuses do not qualify for a strong topic in an argumentative style. Your topic should be able to take one stance and argue for why it is right.

Interesting topics for argumentative essays

  1. Drug abuse is bad while safe use of drugs is fine
  2. Drugs are bad no matter use or abuse
  3. Cigarettes are not always a bad thing
  4. Smoking is harmful undeniably
  5. Children see, children do whether we teach them the opposite, they do what the observe
  6. Children do what we teach them
  7. Junk food is a safe alternative to regular food because it is readily available
  8. Junk food is not a safe alternative to organic foods in any means
  9. Junk foods should be taxed to discourage massive buying for it being cheap
  10. Time is the only important thing you should value
  11. Money is the only important thing you should value
  12. Health is the only important thing you should value
  13. Mothers have higher influence on daughters
  14. Artists are rebellious
  15. Passion and profession should be same

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