How To Choose Interesting Essay Topics: Advice For High School Students

One of the most difficult things about writing a high school essay is choosing a topic. There are so many things you can write about that it’s incredibly difficult to pick the one that will be perfect for the project.

In order to make it easier for you to choose the perfect topic, you need to understand the requirements it must meet.

  • The subject of your study must be relevant.
  • An academic paper needs to be informative and important, which means that it needs to be focused on a topic that is relevant within the field. Choosing something obscure will only lose you points because no one is really interested in it.

  • Your topic must appeal to your audience.
  • This is the most important thing, so you should start with researching your audience, especially when you need to write an argumentative essay. Your research might be good, but people won’t give it the credit it deserves if they don’t have any personal interest in the subject or your arguments. Studying your audience carefully will help you not only choose the perfect subject, but also to understand which arguments will be more efficient to use in your essay.

  • You need to like what you write about.
  • The more you like the object of your research, the easier it will be to write the paper, because you will be very motivated. The best thing about this is that your passion will definitely seep into your words so the readers will be captivated when they study your essay.

  • You must choose the right scope.
  • If the topic you pick is too narrow, you will be forced to add some filler content in order to meet the word count requirements. This will reduce the value of your paper and your grade as well. If it’s too wide, you won’t be able to cover it completely, so your essay will seem shallow. It will be difficult to find the perfect balance, so you need to invest some time into it. Choose a general subject first and narrow it down until you find the perfect topic.

  • Your paper must be educational.
  • The main purpose of every academic paper is to teach people something. You must consider this when you decide what to write about. Ask yourself what your paper will be able to teach the readers and if you can’t see any real value in the information you plan to include in the essay, you definitely need to change the subject of your research.


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