How To Compose An Exploratory Essay For Your History Class

Exploratory essays are written with the goal to have students explore a topic, without having an argument or stance. This makes history an ideal subject for students to explore. If you are unsure of how to get started, here are the steps you should follow to compose an exploratory essay for history class.

Choose a Topic

The first step of any piece of writing is choosing what you are going to write about. For an exploratory assignment, you will want to pick a topic that is interesting to you. If you have trouble, consider brainstorming topics from an interesting era and then choosing the one you believe will best fit your assignment length.

Collect Your Resources

Each paragraph of an exploratory paper will discuss a source that was chosen for the essay. As you choose your resources, be sure that each relates to an aspect of the topic that you selected. Additionally, make sure that each introduces unique ideas and that they are not too similar.

Know the Structure

The next step is to understand how exploratory writing is set up. In the introduction, you will explain what historical event you chose and why it is important. This can include providing information about the topic, discussing the people related to the event, and introducing facts that create interest. Then, tell the reader what you want to find out by exploring the topic.

In the body, you will choose one source for each section. Explain what you found out, why it is important, and how exactly it helps to answer your question.

The conclusion should be similar to the introduction. Review the topic and the questions that were asked, as well as the findings, and provide closure for your paper.

Construct an Outline and Write the Rough Draft

Before you begin writing, you should construct an outline. You can do this by writing facts on note cards, making a diagram, or using a traditional outline. This is the best way to keep your ideas organized. Then, add transitional words and phrases and begin composing the rough draft of the paper.


The final step is to proofread. Begin by reading your essay over to make sure that the facts make sense and that the paper flows well. Then, re-check for any spelling, grammar, or formatting issues. Make the necessary changes and then compose the final draft of your exploratory history paper.


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