The Essentials Of Writing A Five-Paragraph Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is the type of assignment in which the students write from their personal perspective and show an event, person, memory or an object from their personal experience. This is more like story telling where you have to use strong verbs to describe what happened and how it happened. You will use the first person as you are writing about your personal experiences and sharing them with your audience. To be able to create a successful narrative essay, you need to make sure you read such papers in detail and have a good grasp of the subject. Do not talk about something that you are not familiar with or a supposed place, which you cannot describe to your audience. You should be well acknowledged with the subject of your assignment so that you can easily explain it to your readers and engage them in your paper.

  1. A five-paragraph essay simply means following the traditional format of one paragraph for introduction, three body paragraphs, and a last paragraph for the conclusion of the paper. You have to make sure that you create the major arguments of your paper in such a way that they are equally distributed between three body paragraphs and that each body paragraph has its originality and enough data to show to the readers.
  2. The introduction and conclusion of your narrative essay act as a frame around the body of your paper. The introduction serves to transit the reader from his current situation into your narration while the conclusion smoothly leaves them off to their current situation giving them some food for thought. These two paragraphs are critical to make a sound impression on your audience or win them over because you have to hook them in the introduction and leave a long lasting impression in the conclusion of your paper.
  3. The introduction of your paper will present the event, object, person, or place you are going to talk about and add some flare to it so that the story becomes exciting for the readers.
  4. The conclusion of your paper summarizes what you have discussed in the body of your assignment for your readers.
  5. The body paragraphs act as the main players in the chronological order of your story. You narrate the events in a proper order and explain the logic to your readers with help of strong evidence in the body of your essay.

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