The 15 Hottest Cause And Effect Essay Topics On Global Warming

You have one interesting topic to focus your essay on “Global Warming”

Global warming is a hot issue since the 1950’s when scientists observed a trend in the Earth and its climate getting hotter. Different people have different arguments over what is the major cause of this change and how we can help it. Some people argue that it is a natural climate change that the Earth goes through after every 40000 years and there is nothing we should and could do about it. On the other hand, debaters argue that this effect is Man-made and happens due to anthropogenic causes. If you are to write a winning essay about the subject then you should understand the term and its background in detail.

A cause and effect essay means that the writer needs to relate or associate the reasons or effects of the subject in the body of his paper. You need to have strong data from authenticated sources to prove that the points you are arguing on are true. You could use two approaches to write such an assignment. Either you can start with a cause to explain its consequences in the body of your paper or you can start with an effect and discuss its reasons in the body of your paper.

Interesting topics for causes and effects of global warming

  1. Methane gas releasing from arctic tundra and wetlands causes global warming
  2. Earth’s natural climate change tendency causes global warming
  3. Fossil fuels burning is a major cause for global warming
  4. Digging the Earth for mining of coal causes global warming
  5. One prominent cause of Global Warming is population and overpopulation
  6. Increase in transportation and vehicles increases global warming
  7. Breathing out of Carbon dioxide causes global warming
  8. Cutting down trees without replacing them contributes to global warming
  9. Global warming causes the polar ice caps to melt
  10. Ice caps melting because of global warming will disturb the natural ecosystem
  11. Global warming will create drastic economic consequences for the countries of the world
  12. The billion-dollar damage caused by hurricanes due to global warming is only one episode of the damages of global warming
  13. Droughts, heat waves and worldwide famine will result as of global warming
  14. Global warming will cause warm waters and more hurricanes
  15. Spread of disease will rise as global warming increases

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