Looking For The Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics: 15 Great Suggestions

There is nothing worse than being given an assignment and not having a clue what to write about. Cause and effect topics can actually be one of the most fun and easiest types of essays to write. You can count yourself lucky, as I will provide you with 15 great suggestions to help you find the perfect cause and effect essay topic.

  1. Passion. What interests you? Your interests are often the best source for a topic. Do you like cars? What are the causes and effects of combustible engines on modern mechanics?
  2. Controversy. What’s a hot and controversial topic right now? Providing the cause and effects on a controversial idea can provide compelling reading.
  3. Social movements. The cause and effects of certain social movements can help address many societal frustrations, while providing evidence of outcomes from these frustrations. Take for example the sit ins and huge rallies with the anti-Wall Street activists, following the housing crisis.
  4. Causes. Social causes such as breast cancer awareness or Lou Gerhig’s Disease have brought about interesting outcomes. Look at the ALS Bucket Challenge for example. We can look to challenges society faces with diseases for causes and effects. From the ALS Bucket Challenge, we can see how awareness of a little known disease has grown, as well as fundraising efforts to help bring an end to the disease.
  5. Average. There are many average everyday things that are a part of our life, such as garbage or human waste.
  6. Way Out There. How about thinking about the cause and effect of the highly unlikely? What if meteors were to shower the earth today?
  7. Love. There are so many aspects of love that can be explored. What if a parent does not give their child enough affection?
  8. Hate. Just like love, there are many ramifications of hate at the individual and societal level to be explored.
  9. Physical science. The causes and effects on physical things are quite simple to write on. For example the effect of global warming on the earth’s ice caps.
  10. Meta-physics. What are the causes and effects of meta-physics on societal beliefs?
  11. Psychological. When we look at psychological causes and effects of events, we can often help provide greater clarity on the subject.
  12. Physiological. Physiology is the science of our body’s reaction in a physical sense to some stimuli.
  13. Trends in science. Current scientific trends are interesting to explore. What will happen if? And how did we get here?
  14. Generations. Explore what led one generation to make a paradigm shift.
  15. Get out of the box. Explore the causes and effects of theoretical issues. Develop your own theories as to what could happen, if.

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