Thirteen Interesting Analysis Essay Topics On Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a fascinating book. With some of the most interesting characters in the literary world; topics are endless. Once you have decided that Alice in Wonderland is the book you want to write about, you have to decide which of the many facets of the book you want to give your attention to. Here are thirteen topics just to scratch the surface.

  1. Research the time era in which the book was written. Compare and contrast how the author weaved traditions into the book. Notice any events that could have had an influence on what he wrote about.
  2. Research how the rule of 19th century England influenced the King and Queen in the story.
  3. Write how the solitary feeling of the character is a reflection of the solitary life of the author.
  4. Delve into how the constant assaults on Alice’s senses were paralleled the trails of everyday life.
  5. Explore how the world is undergoing constant and unpredictable change eventually caused Alice to feel exasperated and ready to go back to her own world.
  6. Dissect the courthouse scene as to how it reflects the injustices prevalent in the real life court systems.
  7. Explain how the original glimpse into the garden was a vision of expectation differed from her actual adventure, such as the roses being painted red.
  8. Decide and elaborate on what was a dream and if Alice was the dreamer or the King dreamed it all.
  9. Decide if Alice’s search of the garden is actually a reference to just her search for herself.
  10. Talk about how chasing the white rabbit is a metaphor for chasing the unattainable.
  11. Compare how some of the social expectations were reflected by how some of the characters expected her to act.
  12. Focus on how this dream could have changed Alice’s views and future attitudes towards life.
  13. Make a connection between how this dream encourages the readers to give up a child like ideas for more grounded and adult ones.

Pick a topic that interests you. A topic that grabs your attention and puts ideas in your head will be an easier essay to write. Being passionate will influence the words you write and transfer to the reader. By grabbing the reader’s interest, you can bring your essay to life in a memorable way. Give your spin to a classic.


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