How To Select An Interesting Illustration Essay Topic On Honesty

Are you in the process of writing an illustration essay on honesty, but are not sure how to select a topic? Then take the time to learn a few tips before proceeding, and it might help you figure out a topic you will be comfortable writing about.

What Is An Illustration Essay

Such a piece of content aims to discuss the topic by making points using examples. The thesis will contain the hypothesis of the piece, but throughout the body there will be many examples that are designed to prove the hypothesis is correct.

However, it is not the quantity of examples that will prove the hypothesis, instead it is the quality. Therefore, make sure that all the examples included make a very solid point.

Something You Can Relate To

Select a topic on honesty that you can relate to, because that will allow you to write the essay from personal experience. Writing from personal experience has the added benefit of allowing to write with insight into the topic.

If you are struggling to come up with a suitable topic, then here is a list of ideas to choose from:

  • Why honesty is the best policy no matter the scenario
  • What are the advantages of honesty in the workplace
  • Why you should always be honest regardless of being in a difficult predicament
  • When not being honest can be an advantage
  • How being honest could get you into trouble
  • Why being dishonest is looked upon as a bad thing in society
  • Why people tend to be dishonest when they do not have to be?
  • What are the key signs that can be used to identify when someone is being dishonest?
  • How can you reduce the chances of being taken advantage of by dishonest people
  • What steps can be taken for parents to teach their kids about the importance of being honest?

Finding Examples

The best examples to be used in an illustration essay about honesty are ones that have some emotion behind them. This could be a story about how someone had to deal with dishonesty, and then overcame it. It doesn’t matter where you find the examples from. All that matters is how accurately it supports the thesis statement, and with what clarity you are able to incorporate it into your piece.


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