Searching For A Free Essay: Tips For Struggling Students

Writing an essay can be very difficult at times. It’s not an easy task. Moreover there is a lot of research that should be done before writing an essay. There are certain topics, which require a lot of work and research. But it’s not supposed to be a problem as a person can always read examples and then write taking the inspiration. Students have problem in looking for a reliable source for research. Here are some places that can me searched.

Guide books

There are many guidebooks available that will provide you many examples. These guidebooks have numerous amounts of essays in it. The topics are both common and difficult. Most of the topics are included in here. Also, it’s a reliable source.


Libraries should be the first place a student should visit while researching for anything. Library is such a place where he will definitely find something of his use. It’s not essential that he will get the exact thing he wanted but he will find something close by to his topic.


Professors evaluate many papers. They read a lot. They read works by different students as well. They will definitely be able to help you in this case. Moreover they will help you in formation of your own essay.

Senior students

Senior students have already done what you are doing. So it is obvious that they must have done a lot of research as well. So they will not only have the examples but also detailed research about different topics.

Writing agencies

Writing agencies help people to write. In the process of helping others they have to make research themselves as well. Since they are helping lots of students so it is obvious they must be keeping the work as well. So help can be taken from them.


Internet is the easiest source. Any topic is just a little typing away. You can get yourself registered to some online sites, which can help you in your work. Otherwise you can just look for your topic and you will definitely find examples.

Hence, all the above sources can be searched while looking for an example. While reading an example one thing must be kept in mind and that is that you must not copy anything. Reading examples is just a part of research and it should be treated in the same way.


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