Coming Up With Strong Medical Persuasive Essay Topics

Medicine is a field that possesses an inexhaustible array of areas and themes ripe for analysis and interesting topics to write about. How life began? What makes us human? What causes abnormalities and diseases during the development? Why do people grow old and die? Is there something more durable than the human body? The entire world wants to know the answers to these questions. We’re all equally eager to find out everything about the secrets of human life.

If you need to compose a persuasive and powerful essay about extraordinary medical conditions, you can check out some of the topics given below that we have found to be quite interesting.

  1. Living with Down’s syndrome (DS)
  2. It is useful to conduct research on this serious medical problem that has only recently received the necessary public attention. It’s important to shed some light on patient’s life routine and the symptoms of their disease.

  3. Bipolar affective disorder
  4. Bipolar disorder involves sudden mood alterations (extreme euphoria / dangerous depression). This disorder is considered as a form of psychological disease, but it would be interesting to study the effects of chemical therapy as a course of treatment.

  5. Cystic fibrosis (CF)
  6. This genetic disease of internal organs has distinctive symptoms and requires constant and ongoing treatment.

  7. Fibrous dysplasia
  8. A disease that turns muscles into bones. A person that’s suffering from the effects of this incurable illness is literally transformed into a living statue. There is no need to further explain why this condition presents an extremely interesting research material.

  9. Tourette syndrome (TS)
  10. This is a very serious disease which causes series of consecutive actions. Affected persons are unable to control their repetitive actions and the process is usually followed by tics and loud exclamations.

  11. Coma / Waking up from a coma
  12. You can write a strong piece about the experiences of people who have spent some time in a vegetative state (coma).

  13. Mapping of the human genome
  14. Scientists are on the way to fully discover the matrix responsible for the creation of human life and its development. Your written assignment could emphasize the advantages of this achievement, but should also raise an alert for a potential abuse of such knowledge.

  15. Life after organ transplantation
  16. This topic includes the analysis of everything that happens in the human body after transplantation of certain organs (psychological state of the patient - therapy and recovery - acceptance / rejection of new organs).


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