Things To Avoid When Composing An Essay About Friendship

Friendship is a wide concept and so, when you have been assigned an essay writing exercise on the same, there are many things to put into perspective. For example, do you want to write about the good things about friendship or you simply want to take a look at several definitions of it from a narrative perspective? For most people, a true friend is not easy to find and as such, one may want to take a look at tips for seeking out true and lasting friendship. Well, whatever your stance is regarding a subject like this, you have to take a look at some of the most critical issues that define friendship. But again, even if you are a talented essayist, there are areas you should always avoid and this brings us to another big question in which we ask; in as much as you may be knowledgeable about your buddy, do you need to craft everything that pertains him or her even if they are likely to taint his or her image? Do you always have to focus on the good things about your friends even if you are fully aware of the fact that no one is perfect?

A lot has been said and done when it comes to friendship and so, when it comes to putting everything on paper, picking on what is least important and what is most important is a decision left your discretion. Because this is a topic which is likely to feature anytime in your term paper, it is important that in this post, we take you through what you should write about and what you should not.

Avoid writing about the obvious

Writing an essay about friendship is always tempting as one will want to pour all he or she thinks and feels about that special friend in his or her life. While you are not going to be the first, neither are you going to be the last to write an essay of this kind, it is always imperative to avoid writing what is common with any other paper that has been done by another student. The need to be unique is paramount. Do something outstanding which is likely to be elusive for other students.

What makes your friend different?

While other students are likely to focus on the good things about their friends, something spooky, freaky and unexpected can be a good hook for your paper.


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