Programming Languages

Digital technology and internet have transformed operations in all organizations. Customers have turned to online shopping and transactions. People search for goods and services including government services online first before visiting physical stores and offices. Organizations have to develop attractive website to keep up with the changes and meet their clients’ preferences. Consequently, the demand for websites has been increasing over the years. Website developers now have many job opportunities. Web developers require knowledge of different programming languages and their application to design excellent for their clients.

How to learn programming languages fast

Learning programming languages is sometimes a challenge to beginners. The first step in learning programming languages is to determine your specific area of interest in website development. This helps you choose the languages to learn first instead of learning all programming languages at the same time. Once you identify your area of interest, begin with the basic languages and then progress to advanced languages. Start with the basic concepts of each language and install any software that you may require. Tutorials are readily available online to help you learn any programming language. However, it is advisable to work with a tutor who can check your progress and direct you from one stage to another. You can also find online tutorials to help you construct your first website once you learn the basic languages.

The best programming languages for beginners

As mentioned before, your choice of programming languages depends on your area of interest. However, it is advisable to learn all basic languages so that you can work on different projects. The basic programming languages that beginners should learn include JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, C#, C++, PHP and Python. These languages fall into two categories, that is, dynamically typed and statistically typed languages. Dynamically typed languages include JavaScript, Ruby, Python and PHP. These languages respond to simple commands from developers and are excellent for non-coders.

Dynamically typed languages are easy to use to develop simple web and desktop apps. JavaScript is used in front-end development while Ruby is used in back-end development. Statistically typed languages are a bit advanced, stable, and strict with commands. They are mostly used in backend development of apps, games and software. Coding students must learn statistically typed languages, which include Java, C#, and C++. Sometimes it is easier for students to learn some basic languages simultaneously. Some languages introduce principles and concepts required in other languages. For instance, Java introduces principles that are also used in C++, Python and PHP.


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