How To Use An Example Of An Argumentative Essay Properly

An argumentative essay is intended to show a specific point of view about a subject. Many teachers will provide students with topics that they can write about or examples of this type of writing. Students who are unfamiliar with argumentative essays should ask their professor for an example or look online. By getting an example, the student can learn more about the writing style and make sure that they are actually doing the work correctly.

Using an Example

Once the student has found a good sample document, they can begin to use it for their own writing. Initially, the student should take out a highlighter and locate the thesis statement of the argument. They should also highlight the topic sentence of every paragraph. After the student has finished doing this, they should look carefully at the thesis statement and topic sentences. The student should consider how the writer developed their argument and what steps they took to prove each topic sentence. In addition, the student should look at how the topic sentences create a logical flow of ideas that build on each paragraph.

Considering the Evidence

Although an argumentative essay demonstrates the student's viewpoint, it should also use real facts, statistics and evidence. Anyone can make a claim, but no one else will care unless that argument is backed up with verifiable facts. As the student looks at their example, they should consider the ways that the writer used evidence to support their claim. If the paper is about a similar topic, the student can even use some of the bibliography's sources for their own writing.

Look at Citations

An example document is a great way for students to learn how to properly cite their sources. The student will want to ensure that they have cited all of their sources, or their professor will consider it plagiarism. Since each writing style uses a different citation technique, students will need to make sure that the example that they have found is the same writing style that they are expected to use in class.

Students should never turn in an example as their own writing. If the student submits an example that they found online, it is extremely easy for the teacher to realize that the work was copied. At the very least, the student will have to write a new essay. They may also be forced to retake the class or be expelled from school. Due to this, examples should only be used as a guideline.


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