Simple Tips On How To Create A Good Introduction In An Essay

There are several ways to get people to read your essay but the most effective way is by composing a powerful introduction. The power of well-written introduction can never be over-emphasized. Take the online articles for example. A website owner that takes time to craft the introduction of his or her articles would maintain more readership than those who don’t. What then are the things you should do in order to write an impressive introduction for your academic paper? Below are a few tips to guide you. They are as follows:

  • Keep It Short And Simple: Your readers are already doing you a lot of favour reading through your work. Therefore, it would be a complete turn-off if reading the introduction of your essay will leave them scratching their heads for meanings to most of the phrases and terms used there. Let your sentences be short and punchy.
  • Bring In A New Twist: If your tutor advised you to make sure you grab your readers’ attention through your introduction, it simply means giving them something that is not ordinary. It could be in the form of a quote that has been read or heard by a few persons. You can also include information or statistics that is yet to be common knowledge.
  • Avoid Repetition Of Paper’s Title: Since the title of your paper is already read by your target readers, there is no point in repeating same in the introduction. It would only look like you are trying to fill up space. Instead, you should concentrate on setting the stage for hooking your readers and leading them to reading the rest of the essay.
  • Make It Personal: You can draw more attention to your paper by making the readers feel like you are talking directly to them. By using “you”, at least once in the introduction, you instantly tell the readers that you had them in mind while you were writing your paper. You are subtly telling them that you wish to connect with them through your piece. So, if you really want them to read further, make it personal.
  • Check For Errors: When mistakes start popping up here and there within your introduction, you would surely lose the attention of your readers. Therefore, take your time to properly edit and proofread your paper’s introduction for grammar, sentence, punctuation, and structure errors.

With these tips, you would be able to create a good introduction in your essay, such that would earn you the admiration of your tutors and schoolmates.


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