The Most Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For 10th Grade Students

Writing an essay is an interesting task especially when you have an interest in the subject. This gives you an opportunity to express your opinions and share your ideas with the readers about something that you have always wanted to talk about Different types of papers require different styles and approaches depending upon the purpose of the paper. If you are to write a persuasive paper, then you need to take a stance, gather logical and factual evidence to prove your stance and develop a convincing tone to persuade the readers of your ideas and opinions. It is important to take a stance because you are not informing your readers or describing the subject. You are convincing them of your topic and ideas. This is similar to delivering a speech where you convince the audience with your facts, tone of voice and gestures.

A good idea to write a persuasive assignment is to include a hook in your topic or write the topic in a way that can engage your readers. This does not mean that you would define the entire paper in your topic but you only need to give a certain piece of information that can surprise your readers or build a curiosity in them to read the rest of your assignment. It is important to remember that a persuasive topic could not be based on general knowledge or a statement of common fact. It must be an arguable statement that can have the potential to have the consent or disagreement of the readers. It is good if your topic does so because only then the reader will continue reading to find out the reason on which you based your statement.

Interesting essay topics that a student can use for a persuasive essay in 10th grade

If you are not sure how to write a persuasive topic or need fresh ideas to help you create a winning topic, then you need to consider the following suggestions

  1. Women oppression is caused by religion rather culture
  2. Culture determines the approach of individuals towards important events of life
  3. Men are more likely to get richer when they are single
  4. The financial situation can effect a healthy relationship
  5. Mass urban migration causes severe harm to the resources
  6. Our future is embedded in our past
  7. Ozone layer does not face the damage we are talking about

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