Free Tips On How To Use Sources In A Synthesis Essay

You are gradually exposed to all kinds of composition writing in your academic career. A synthesis essay is one of the more complex styles. You are asked to take two or more sources and use them justify a position you decide to take. Here are a few ways to use sources effectively.

  • Sources can be Reasons. This is a very straightforward way of using sources. You state your position and you will use your sources to substantiate what your opinion. The sources will have to be properly cited, which may be the MLA format or some other means of noting the source material;
  • Compare and Contrast. This is an essay technique wherein two or more sources are compared and/or contrasted in the content. It is a matter of explaining similarities (compare) or noting differences (contrast).
  • Concession to the Opposing View. Your essay may be disputing another position, but you are willing to concede there is some value in that the other side is saying. Sources are used to demonstrate you have considered the opposing view, and that it merits respect.
  • Summation. It is a very easy way of using sources. All you will do is take each source separately and give a summation of it in the body of the work.
  • Working with a Strawman. You set up an argument against your original thesis and then use your sources to knock it down. This could take degree of sophisticated logic and your part. It can show a very intelligent use of synthesis.

Any one of these means you will have to have a good understanding of your sources. Read them and take notes while you are doing it. You should also take a second look at the directions for this kind of assignment. It will be difficult enough to write by itself. You do not need to have the composition graded lower because you were careless about following directions.

You also follow the standard rules of effective writing. Have an outline, do a first draft, proofread, edit and revise. These are all important when it comes to writing your best possible text. This kind of a project is definitely a step above what you may have written before. The bonus is that a good job is favorably received by the person grading the work. Synthesis gets easier with practice, and this makes further writings less of a worry. You can be a great writer and do synthesis papers without a problem if you keep in mind our tips.


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