Violence In Sport

Violence in sports is the physical acts that are beyond the allowed level of contact in the various sports. Violence can be intentionally aimed at injuring or harming the opponent player, coach or other persons involved in the sport. Even threats of physical harm are classified as violence. But a good sportsman should not participate in violence. Imagine a game without an opponent. The game would never happen. Again, violence brings in unfair competition. It is important to appreciate the opponents as they give you a chance to showcase your talent and let others enjoy. Violence in sport does not only involve players. In fact, fans are the most violent lot. They will call opponents nasty names and will play down offenses made by players of their side. Fans will also get involved in a physical conflict with fans of the other team.

Causes of Violence in Sports

Two main theories try to explain the cause of violence in sports. One is that humans have an instinct to violence. This can be explained by figuring out how the human ancestors had to use violence and get aggressive to survive or produce. Normally when you have to survive a situation, humans tend to get violent. The other theory is that sports are like a mock battle. Because of the competitive nature of sports, these mock battles could become real battles. The aggressiveness and urge to win could make you see even a close friend as an enemy. This may influence your thinking and actions in a manner that could lead to violence. Again, the human nature does not accept defeat. Some people may do anything when they are in a situation that they are going to lose.

Off Field Violence

A lot of research is underway to try and show if there is a relationship between violence on and off the pitch. It is, however, common sense to suggest that players that are violent in a game situation will also turn violent when dealing with conflicts off the pitch. Also, athletes that hang out a lot will come across tough guys and are most likely to be exposed to violence that may influence their behavior on the pitch. Sometimes, it may also depend on cultural upbringing and where you come from. Young stars that have been brought up in the ghetto and from the lower socioeconomic classes will tend to be more violent.


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