Top 25 Interesting High School Argumentative Essay Topics

The argumentative essay usually involves the view points of opposing sides being weighed against each other, on an even floor of discussion. For this essay, more facts and investigative work is required than for your regular fictional pieces, this doesn't make them any less interesting. The author of an argumentative essay must find ways of making the discussion a lively one.

The first, possibly most important step in writing any paper is the selection of a topic and this can greatly influence your outcome, in more than just content. The following is a list of 25 interesting high school essay topics for your consideration:

  1. Competition to gain admission into good colleges can break a student’s spirits.
  2. A cat and a dog is all the pest control a house needs.
  3. Homework does more than harm than good to student.
  4. Girls tend to be more unkind to other girls.
  5. Fashion is one of the most defining factors of a person’s success.
  6. Why girls don’t ask boys out on dates.
  7. The government should provide free health care to all citizens.
  8. Religion prevents the advancement of science.
  9. The English language is inadequate.
  10. Children should be taught that there is no god, then allowed to choose a religion on there own time.
  11. Videos game are more beneficial than most people know.
  12. Driving should be abolished and all forms of transport should be automated and regulated.
  13. Actors and athletes should not be paid as much as they are.
  14. The government should pay closer attention to the diets of citizens.
  15. Cameras should be used more in law enforcement and security.
  16. Test scores say nothing about a student’s potential.
  17. Sex is natural, teens should be allowed to have safe sex.
  18. The election process is an illusion and presidents are chosen long before ballots are counted.
  19. Men should be allowed paternity leave from work to make sure they spend time with their growing children.
  20. Global warming is a man made conspiracy in an attempt to topple the oil giants.
  21. Cigarette smoking should be made illegal in all countries.
  22. Violence in video games is nothing compared to the violence that takes place in movies shown on television.
  23. Military recruitment should begin at the high school level.
  24. Why age means nothing to two people who are in love.
  25. The cost of college is too much for a student to pay when they are not guaranteed a good job after they graduate.

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