40 Unique Persuasive Essay Topics Worth Writing About

The aim of writing a persuasive essay is to persuade the reader to agree with your point of view on a particular subject or topic. Here is a list of 40 unique persuasive essay topics worth writing about.

  1. The fight against terror is a major contribution to human rights abuses
  2. Participation in team sports is a great way to help students in developing a good character
  3. Cigarette manufacturers and sellers should be banned from engaging in the business
  4. The government should legalize the use of medical marijuana
  5. Western style democracy does not always produce the desired results in some countries
  6. The government should establish censorship programs to control the public’s access to certain types of information
  7. The fight against terror has been used to violate people’s right to privacy
  8. The responsibility for raising a child lies with both parents
  9. Military and government security personnel should be allowed to go on strike to air their employment-related grievances
  10. The government should deploy anthropologists alongside military personnel in foreign war zones
  11. The involvement of the U.S and its allied forces in Libya has contributed to the growing civil conflict
  12. The U.S does not have the moral authority to lecture other countries on human rights abuses
  13. The rising economic development of China is threatening America’s influence in world affairs
  14. It is important for students to wear uniforms to school
  15. State colleges should be free for state residents
  16. Why the legal voting age should be lowered to sixteen
  17. Why the legal driving age should be increased to twenty one
  18. Why illegal immigrants should be allowed to acquire driving licenses
  19. Why student’s textbooks should be replaced by laptops or tablets
  20. Why students should not be allowed to carry mobile electronic devices like Smart phones and tablets to school
  21. Why boys and girls should not be separated from each other in school
  22. Why the government should ban people from keeping exotic animals like tigers or monkeys as pets
  23. Why every driver should be required to pass a driving skills test after ten years in order to renew their licenses
  24. Why the federal government should put in place more stringent restrictions for online content
  25. Why teenagers should be given free condoms in school
  26. Why students who bully others in school should be suspended
  27. The government should introduce cultural awareness programs in the public school curriculum
  28. Why politicians should not be allowed to receive campaign funding from corporate lobbyists
  29. Why the death penalty should be used for punishing violent offenders
  30. Why the state should allow ESL students to take tests in other languages
  31. Why fast foods should have warning labels
  32. Why large companies should be required to employ a certain percentage of minorities
  33. Why women should not be given special seats in legislative bodies
  34. Why affirmative action is a detriment to the boy child’s development
  35. Why teachers should not be allowed to carry cell phones to class
  36. Why students who fail in a certain class should be required to repeat the class
  37. Why the U.S government should stop using foreign aid to third world countries as a bargaining chip to advance their values
  38. Why the Western governments should not intervene in the political affairs of sovereign countries
  39. Why the U.S government should stop trying to influence policies and laws concerned with gay rights in African countries
  40. Why the U.S should stop trying to prevent other countries from developing nuclear capabilities

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