How Do You Write An Essay Title: Seven Basic Rules To Remember

If you need help figuring out how do you write an essay title there are seven basic rules to remember below:

  1. Remember that the title should reflect upon the work you are doing. That means you need to be able to give your reader some insight into what your topic is all about in completing your title alone. They should know what your content encompasses.
  2. Remember that word economy counts. This refers to the number of words you use. Don’t use seven words if two will do. Remain concise, particularly because the title is not something that should be more than thirty words at best and therefore you need to be very selective about the words you use.
  3. Remember that diction is important. This refers to selectivity in your words. You always want to choose the best word possible for whatever you are trying to explain. If one word would function just the same in explaining something compared to three words, then use the one word. This will help you to save space and still inform your reader.
  4. Remember to highlight the most important part of your work. This is especially true of more research oriented papers. For papers such as these, you want to take one of the aspects to your work that is perhaps most impressive or most influential. This might include the new theories you used, a new methodology, or the unique demographic. This can be the foundation for your title.
  5. Pick something that is not misleading. Do not mislead the reader by highlighting some aspect of your work within the title that is not important or relevant to the overall purpose. If your subject is violence in television do not highlight a movie or TV show not contained in your study or highlight children if they are not the focal point of your study.
  6. Run it by some close friends or family before you submit the final work and see if they are hooked by what you are presenting. This is the key to success.
  7. Make sure to conform the title to your required format. You might need to shorten it, lengthen it, or add a colon in the middle of it based on what your format requires. Check with your teacher about the format you need to follow.

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